Charities & not-for-profit

Your non-for-profit deserves expert and exceptional IT support and services at a price that makes perfect sense to you. Rather than having to make do with mediocre IT support that does not suit your organization's goals, you should have access to tailored solutions.

At Klearnet Solutions, we are passionate about supporting the not-for-profit space. As a result of this, we offer our expert IT support to charities, enabling them to meet their goals faster, without compromising on excellence..

On average our NFPs clients save between 30-50% on Hardware, Software and Support on a consistent basis.

IT Optimization - IT Outsourcing.

Our roots go deep into charity

From the origin of Klearnet in 1999, we have passionately sought out new ways to help several charities to enrich more lives around the world.

Klearnet Solutions has always operated with a mission of wanting to help people, driven by our founder's (David Robertson) personal ethics and philanthropic ideals.

  • We consistently seek new ways to help charities grow with technology
  • With 80 years of combined experience in this space, you have a complete solution for IT in us.

Klearnet Solutions believe strongly in giving back to the local community, and support the following Non for Profit organisations

The one-stop IT partner you can trust

You can rest assured knowing that, beyond just another vendor, we are your trusted partner in all things technology. We become relentless advocates for you, and ensure you get the best prices on all hardware and software deals. You also get to save up to 50% on IT with our partnership.

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